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Anti stretch marks cream BIOAROMA 200ml

Anti stretch marks cream BIOAROMA 200ml
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Beeswax, shea butter, the balsam, like healing, aladania extract and blend of essential oils present in the cream really offer deep tightening of the skin, maintaining  excellent elasticity and making it more resistant to " pulling ", thus excluding the possibility of stretch marks. It really impresses when it comes to treatment of stretch marks by tightening and restructuring of the skin. Existing stretch marks are visibly reduced, their size is reduced and they begin to fade. In both cases it is recommended daily use of the cream.


Stretch Marks: management and treatment

Tip : After and from personal experience we advise you to remember two rules to get rid of stretch marks.


1st rule SCRUB (to remove dead skin cells so that the radiant and new cells come to the surface)


2nd rule HYDRATION (so the body regains its lost elasticity)


The practice is simple: scrub with soap sponge loofah daily and moisturize with cream against stretch marks.

The results from the application of the two above rules may be compared with the results of laser treatment .

1st stage

Use the loofah for exfoliation and cell renewal to your daily bath or shower .

2nd stage

As soon as you finish your daily shower and as the skin pores are still open, apply the cream against stretch marks. Massage the area using a sufficient anount of cream for about 8-10 minutes.

3rd stage ( optional)

Once you have finished your massage, apply  aloe gel for direct absorption of the cream, especially if we talk in the morning, in order to avoid marks on the clothes.



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