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Immune system

Immune system
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Propolis is a natural ingredient for cleaning and skin care. It is a natural antioxidant, enhan..
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The Hippophae (Sea Buckthorn) contains more than 15 pro antioxidants and is considered the perfect s..
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 Headaches, muscle and rheumatism pains, wounds healing, NATURALL ANTIBIOTIC. ..
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Suggeste for throat  infections by bacteria and viruses. Tonsillitis, sinuses, irritated gum..
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190 beneficial ingredients. Available as fresh or dried fruit and dried leaves for infusion. ..
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Spirulina. Yet is seaweed! And indeed unique!   Is the richest natural source proteinon..
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Aloe vera (aloe vera - aloe barbadensis miller) is one of the 300 varieties of aloe plant, and the o..
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