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Herb Oils Facial

Herb Oils Facial
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Almond tree is cultivated in Greece since antiquity, since almond  it was known for its  p..
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Natural oil that is totally absorbed by the skin, giving deep hydration and leaving skin smooth. ..
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1) For skin problems: Squeeze 10-15 drops in 50 ml valsamelaiou and apply to burns, scars and str..
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Essential oil evening primrose has excellent moisturizing properties. It is ideal for dry, mature an..
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Give your skin a rich glow enriching 100ml almond oil 15 drops of orange oil and 15 drops of mandari..
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1) Treating fungal treatment for sensitive areas: When it comes to sensitive areas again used undilu..
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Nourishment and shine for dry skin: Drip just 20 to 25 drops of rose oil in 100ml avocado oil. Dr..
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 Acne, dry skin, wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, eye make-up remover, diaper rash.  &nb..
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 Recommended for the skin brown spots on the face or hands and the freckles. Indications con..
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Skin regenerating, moisturizing, skinfood and skin cleaning,mitigates dark circles under eyes. Face ..
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The rose oil is called "liquid gold", mainly because of its high price. It is said that th..
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