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Natural body perfume with magnolia and carob extract BioAroma 75ml -20%
Carob extract was used by women at the Sultans’ harems before visiting the royal bed so th..
15.00€ 12.00€ Ex Tax: 9.68€
Natural body perfume with evening primrose & avocado oil Bioaroma 75ml -20%
Offer your body deep hydration. Avocado oil penetrates the body, offering glow and velvet appear..
15.00€ 12.00€ Ex Tax: 9.68€
Almond tree is cultivated in Greece since antiquity, since almond  it was known for its  p..
6.00€ Ex Tax: 4.84€
  From Olive's Secret Hair Mask With Organic Olive oil and aloe can be used as an emolli..
12.00€ Ex Tax: 9.68€
 From Olive's Secret wonderful hair mask can be used as an emollient cream. The Organic ..
12.00€ Ex Tax: 9.68€
Olive oil shampoo for frequent shampooing with aloe extract for oily hair. The organic oil and wheat..
7.00€ Ex Tax: 5.65€
Olive oil shampoo for all hair types with organic olive oil ideal for all hair types for daily hair ..
7.00€ Ex Tax: 5.65€
Shampoo with pomegranate extract, organic olive oil and provitamin B5 moisturised, shiny and soft ha..
7.00€ Ex Tax: 5.65€
100% natural everyday protection. Ideal for school and camp. With tea tree oils of cinnamon and e..
8.00€ Ex Tax: 6.45€
BioAroma, always keeping in mind the traditional use of herbs, introduces innovative natural product..
8.00€ Ex Tax: 6.45€
Give your hair shine and strength enriching shampoo or conditioner your cream with 10 drops of oil. ..
8.00€ Ex Tax: 6.45€
1) Mask body for cellulite, fluid retention and cellulite: Mix 1 tablespoon of green clay with half ..
5.00€ Ex Tax: 4.03€
Mask for hair shine: Add 30 drops of lemon oil in 100ml avocado oil and apply to your hair. Leave fo..
5.00€ Ex Tax: 4.03€
With peanut oil and essential oils of rosemary, thyme, sage and lavender.   The peanut oil ..
10.00€ Ex Tax: 8.06€
Restorative Hair Mask with peanut oil, shea butter, sage, thyme, rosemary and lemon. The Restorat..
12.00€ Ex Tax: 9.68€
With peanut oil, bay oil, jojoba & argan Powerful therapeutic hair oil for use by the root to t..
20.00€ Ex Tax: 16.13€
SET OF 3 PRODUCTS..   PISTACIA NATURA hair mask (200 ml)  Restorative Hair Mas..
42.00€ 35.00€ Ex Tax: 28.23€
 It stimulates hair roots, helps fight bad breath. Suitable for those who suffer from various s..
3.50€ Ex Tax: 2.82€