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Essential oil Dictamnus BIOAROMA 5ml

Essential oil Dictamnus BIOAROMA 5ml
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1) For skin problems:

Squeeze 10-15 drops in 50 ml valsamelaiou and apply to burns, scars and stretch marks.

If it is deep fissures initially recommended the use of glycerin soap with loofah to open the pores of the skin, then the oil in the burning bush and finally the cream against stretch marks. The cell renewal and skin regeneration impresses.

2) Since it belongs to the same family with the oregano, the taste is very similar. And then used in cooking or adding a few drops of olive oil and pour raw in salads, or 1 drop in the end the food.

3) Herbal tonic with antioxidant properties and beneficial for the stomach:

Squeeze one drop in the cup of tea, add some honey, stir and then add the hot water. The brew is ready and effortlessly.

Not used on the skin undiluted.

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