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Body tightening

Body tightening
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Natural body perfume with magnolia and carob extract BioAroma 75ml -20%
Carob extract was used by women at the Sultans’ harems before visiting the royal bed so th..
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 Body Cream hydrating-tightening With beeswax, dittany, labdanum, jasmine.  The idea..
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Beeswax, shea butter, the balsam, like healing, aladania extract and blend of essential oils present..
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The anti-cellulite oil is a blend of essential oils (rosemary, juniper, cypress, lavender) diluted i..
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 The breast  is the most obvious femininity part of  the female body. The Bioaroma..
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Essential oil evening primrose has excellent moisturizing properties. It is ideal for dry, mature an..
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Give your skin a rich glow enriching 100ml almond oil 15 drops of orange oil and 15 drops of mandari..
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