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Facial moisturizer from hot Pikrolimni KILKIS (150ml)

Facial moisturizer from hot Pikrolimni KILKIS (150ml)
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 Pirolimni been known since ancient times, with different names. Information from ancient sources speak for the region of aisles and especially the lake Pikrolimni, whence sprang the sulfurous curing  mud. During your visit to the Pikrolimni spa in Kilkis area, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the ultimate  relaxation and rejuvenation, ensuring your personal health. "

The face moisturizer we recommend comes directly from the hot spring and it is  a completely natural product with no side effects or contraindications with precious minerals and metals from the thermal lake water.
Provides hydration and firming to the skin. Fills wrinkles, combats dry skin, acne and all  irritations such as burns or rash. It is suitable for your hair,too. The ingredients are mineral thermal water, chamomile and aloe.
Apply the moisturizer to your face until absorbed. Suitable for all  day and night.
TIP: Use it as reinforcement under your cream
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